1. Why is the Scottish Government funding the CCPM?

The Scottish Government has set, and met, some of the world’s toughest targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It set up the Climate Justice Fund, and now the Climate Challenge Programme Malawi (CCPM) initiative, to help poor communities in developing countries who are being hit first and hardest by the changing climate, despite having done least to cause the problem.

2. Why are SCIAF involved?

SCIAF was awarded this contract after an open and transparent tender process in accordance with the Scottish Government’s procurement procedures, during which all tenders were evaluated against pre-determined criteria by an external organisation.

3. How will it work?

The CCPM is working closely with a range of partner organisations in Malawi, in a three step process.

  1.  Implementing partner organisations in Malawi have developed close relationships with the CCPM communities. Through extended discussions, the communities have highlighted their areas of greatest concern and suggested potential solutions.
  2. The technical partners are helping to develop these ideas into innovative solutions.
  3. The advocacy partners are helping translate the communities concerns into policy goals at all levels of Malawian governance.

4. Who are the partner organisations?

The partner organisations are working as either an implementing partner, a technical support partner or an advocacy partner. You can find out more about the organisations here.

5. How much will it cost?

It will cost £3.2 million over three years.