Talking technology

The CCPM is driven by Malawian communities and state of the art data collection.

In scores of meetings across southern Malawi, the challenges facing CCPM participants have been recorded digitally by our partners using a survery loaded onto tablets.

The specially designed 67 question survey, answered by hundreds of participants, asked questions such as how many people are in their family, how far they have to travel to get water, where they get their food from and many more. The answers were then are analysed to give a broad and deep picture of people's relationship with food, water and energy in each area.

Baseline testing 1

Among the key findings of this data is that female headed households are at greater risk of water shortage and food insecurity. This data helps partners prioritise these and other vulnerable groups in the design of the programme.

In addition, recording the data digitally on tablets helps ensure the data is more accurate, takes less time to gather and analysis is quicker so that more time is spent responding to the needs to the community.