Deeply inspired by women

Tapiwa Machinjiri works for CADECOM Mangochi, an organisation helping to implement the CCPM. Here, Tapiwa shares her personal thoughts on the climate change challenges faced by women in Malawi and how the programme is helping.

I am currently employed by CADECOM Mangochi as a Monitoring Officer for the CCPM. As part of my job I’m tracking the challenges faced by communities the CCPM is working with, the progress of the activities we’re rolling out, and how participants are contributing to changing their lives, particularly women.

The female participants in the CCPM face several unique challenges. They do not have many assets to cushion them in times of shocks (such as crops being destroyed by floods or drought). In addition, it is often seen as the women’s job to fetch water, which can involve walking long distances. This can take several hours.

CADECOM Mangochi is helping them respond to these challenges by drilling three boreholes to create wells for CCPM communities in Mangamba, Ngongondo and Chilala. The wells will reduce the long distances women have to walk to get safe, clean water.

CADECOM Mangochi has also introduced Village Savings and Loan (VSL) groups for female participants to access loans to help them start up and run small businesses, so that they have money if their crops fail or they face other challenges.

I am deeply inspired by the women we are working with, especially those who take a leading role in supporting other women and girls in their community to realise their full potential.

-Tapiwa Machinjiri, CCPM Monitoring Officer, CADECOM Mangochi, (pictured above).