We need climate action

Lisa Banda is a Malawian Student who works with Climate Challenge Programme Malawi (CCPM) to improve climate literacy and campaign for climate justice.

I feel like climate change has become like a disease that is proving to be relentless and ruthless, negatively affecting people’s lives, ecosystems and Malawi’s economy.

All the climate change impacts that we are facing are increasing our vulnerabilities; not giving us a chance to breathe, to recover, to build back better and stronger. Lives are being lost. Human rights are being violated and, due to the fact that we are a poor country, the loss and damage is even greater, making our adaptation efforts seem minimal and negligible.

The support is not enough. There are less people passionate about addressing climate change impacts than those affected. Funding alone is not enough. It’s like we have another planet that we will run to after this Earth has been set to oblivion.

However, the fact that we have energetic youth and a government that is committed to addressing climate change rekindles my hope. All is not lost!

I would like to see a world where people have the same energy to take care of the environment as they showcase when tapping resources from it. A world where economic policies do not infringe the health of the environment. The environment seen as not just a commodity, a source of income, but a resource that needs nourishment, with adequate and accessible funding supporting environmental management efforts.

I would like to see a world where people come together to talk about how best to restore the environment, how best to enforce laws aimed at protecting the environment, and how to ensure sustainable development. I want to see people, diverse as we may be but united towards one goal.

That is protecting the environment!