• Mercy's mission to Poland

    Mercy Chirambo is a Malawian climate change campaigner who work's with the CCPM. She wrote this blog about why she's travelled to Poland to bring the words of the CCPM communities to the UN.

  • Taking the CCPM to the UN

    Julius Ng'oma works with the CCPM to help ensure the communities we work with are heard when they talk about climate change and he's gone to the United Nations conference on climate change in Poland this month to make that happen.

  • Climate shocks explained

    A key part of the CCPM is helping communities adapt to the impact of devastating climate shocks.

  • Sustainable farming solutions

    Agroecology helps farmers ensure they make the best possible use of their environment.

  • Working for water justice in Malawi

    The CCPM jointly hosted a special event in Edinburgh on the 28th of September to discuss how ensuring fair water access is a key part of Climate Justice.

  • Advocacy in action

    Training student activists in Malawi to develop their own solutions to climate change.

  • CCPM in numbers

    The Scottish Government is improving access to food, water and energy for thousands of people in southern Malawi.

  • Talking technology

    The CCPM is driven by Malawian communities and state of the art data collection.

  • Cabinet Secretary announces new climate fund for Malawi

    The Cabinet Secretary of Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Roseanna Cunningham announced £3.2 million funding for the Climate Challenge Programme Malawi (CCPM) at a conference on the environment and social justice in Rome in July.