Meet some of the Malawians who we'll be following through the three year journey of the CCPM.

  • Joseph Mwale

    Joseph Mwale is exceptionally proud of his farm. Behind his house in Mkhumbwa village, Machinga are a string of small fields, which were previously all dedicated to maize, are now growing many different nutritious crops.

  • Patricia Sitande

    “During this year’s heavy rainfall, there is no-one who has risked their lives. Our community is very proud of their work.”

  • Harriet Kawaja

    When the members of Harriet’s community asked her to lead the committee that oversees the newly refurbished water pump, in Phimbi village Machinga, initially she resisted.

  • Jenifer Simbi

    A new crop brings new hope

  • Beauty Drafta - one year on

    When Beauty Drafta first got involved with the CCPM, she faced big challenges, struggling to grow enough food and have money to pay school fees for her four children. Now, one year on, things have changed for the better.

  • Norah Saini

    Norah Saini is a lead farmer on the CCPM, and is desperate for other members of her community in Chikwawa to embrace what it promotes.

  • Deliwe Kassim - One year on

    Deliwe Kassim hasn’t had an easy year, but becoming involved in the CCPM has helped her overcome disaster.

  • James Sixa

    When his home was destroyed by a terrible flood help came from an unexpected source.

  • Deliwe Kassim

    Born near Liwonde in southern Malawi, Deliwe farms two acres of land.

  • Beauty Drafa

    Beauty Drafa's home village is in the far south of Malawi and far from the nearest town.

  • Lucia White

    Lucia White, 35, says this year’s drought in the baking southern Malawi region of Chikwawa is as bad as he can remember.

  • Tereza Matias

    Tereza Matias's crops are failing and she travels far from home to earn money to support her four children.