Deliwe Kassim

I struggle a lot. I am the only one who can find food for the family.
Deliwe Kassim

Deliwe Kassim has two children and big challenges. 

Born near Liwonde in southern Malawi, Deliwe farms two acres of land.

"This year we only got two bags of maize from the land. The Fall Armyworm did terrible damage.”

Fall Armyworm is a South American parasite that has swept across Africa since 2015, thriving in Malawi’s warm climate, and devastating crops. 

“We have two boreholes for water in this village which is good, but it’s not enough. If you are not there first you can queue for hours in the morning for water. Once I queued for four hours. It takes up a lot of the day.”

Firewood, vital for cooking here, is also increasingly hard to find. 

“There are less trees and more people now, so finding firewood takes longer as well.”

Despite all this Deliwe has hope, "If we can get enough food, the children will go to school do something better.“