The CCPM programme has three elements.

  1. Community
    Working through Malawian partners and sister agency Trócaire, the CCPM is engaging with communities and empowering Malawians at a local level to define the help they need and deliver their own solutions to the issues they face.

    Working through local partner organisations, the programme started with a series of workshops in rural communities in southern Malawi, to learn about the problems they face and what would help them to improve their access to food, water and energy.
  2. Innovation
    Local organisations, with expertise in developing sustainable, innovative solutions for adapting to climate change, are working closely with the communities to help them roll out the solutions they have identified. Particular emphasis is placed on helping the most vulnerable people in the community, including women and girls.
  3. Advocacy
    Participating communities are engaging with local, national and international politicians and organisations to use their collective voice to bring about long-term policy changes. The results could benefit millions of people all over Malawi.

The CCPM will benefit the environment, improve climate literacy and create a sustainable legacy that demonstrates long-term physical, behavioural and social change in the communities.