The CCPM will ensure participants' concerns about climate change are heard. 

Ellen Howa, ISONECC Project Officer (5)
Politicians here understand climate change is a real problem. They want to hear solutions.
Ellen Howa, CCPM Advocacy Officer, CISONECC

Malawian partner organisations Civil Society Network on Climate Change (CISONECC) and CADECOM National are working with the participating communities to explore how they can best ensure that policies address the issues they face.

In addition student groups at two Malawian universities are helping to bring a message of climate justice to a new audience.

Malawi has a strong system of governance and every development project has to be approved by regional and district authorities. CADECOM National will work with communities to support their engagement with local government.

In addition, CISONECC, will ensure the CCPM participants’ policy positions are included in national policy goals. The student groups will also help develop messages about the environment that resonate on social media in Malawi.

ccpm advocacy workshop