At the core of the CCPM is innovation and sustainability, creating lasting change for people who need it.

Lameck Nkhoma - CARD Deputy Proram Manager (1)
Solar irrigation can make a huge difference to farmers here. When it works it massively improves the quality of life in the community.
Lameck Nkhoma - CCPM Programme Manager, CARD

Working closely with local partners and communities the programme seeks to use innovation and technology to address the climate challenges they face. This starts with using systematic data collection in each community to understand the situation on the ground. 

Innovative ideas include local women’s groups producing energy efficient clay-fired cooking stoves. The production and sale of the stoves provides valuable income to the women who produce them, while their greater efficiency means less fuel is needed and pollution is reduced.

Solar powered irrigation systems can help turn dusty fields into productive farmland. Solar panels can provide the power to pump groundwater from new borehole wells into reservoir tanks capable of storing thousands of litres. The water can then be released to a wider area and stored for use during drier periods, enabling more crops to be grown and increasing communities’ resilience.

This use of appropriate technology and innovation can dramatically increase a community’s agricultural potential, providing greater food and water security, increase income, improve resilience to climatic shocks which are becoming more frequent and severe with climate change.

Innovation - solar