Better boreholes boost Chisoni

This borehole in Chisoni, Balaka, is one of 13 in the area that have been rehabilitated. 

David Chawandra, who is part of the Borehole Committee set up through the CCPM explained the borehole was originally built in 1999 but stopped working well about five years ago. 

“The problem here was the borehole wasn’t working well, only a little water came out of it. It took a long time to get enough water, 135 families depend on it so it was a big problem.”

The CCPM implementing partner, Eagle’s Relief, provided new parts to make the pump work effectively again and also provided training to community members like David, to keep it running smoothly.

“The training was very important, I learned a lot from it and I feel confident that I can fix any problems now. I also share that knowledge with others.”

David says that good access to water is increasingly vital here.

“The weather here is less predictable, farming is harder. Droughts come and water is scarce. It makes life more difficult.”

Despite these challenges, he feels the committee offers hope.

“We are working together, we have plans to generate more income, to grow a vegetable garden around the borehole that everyone will benefit from. These are good changes.”